Membership FAQs

Q: What are the requirements for becoming a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America?

Anyone age 18 or older who is interested in the medium of colored pencil is welcome to join. There is no qualification process.

Q: Do you have a senior citizen or student rate?

CPSA is a nonprofit group that barely meets its annual expenses due to continually rising printing, mailing, and administrative costs. Our goal is to keep annual dues as affordable as possible yet have a simple rate structure to avoid extra work for the volunteer governing board. For those reasons, we are unable to offer any reduced rates.

聽Q: How long does it take to process my dues?

You should receive confirmation a few days after you make payment online using the CPSA website, although it may be longer during peak renewal times (September and October). Those who provide an email address will receive an acknowledgement email along with a membership card in PDF form that can be personalized and printed. New members also receive the current membership directory and latest issue of the CPSA news magazine within five to six weeks after mailing their application.

Q: If I鈥檓 a member of a CPSA district chapter, why must I also join the national organization?

CPSA district chapters exist under the legal umbrella of the national CPSA organization, and the opportunity to join a chapter is a benefit of membership. Your national dues are needed to support the district chapters and provide CPSA with the resources to present two annual juried exhibitions and an annual convention, promote colored pencil as a fine art medium, conduct pencil lightfastness testing, encourage manufacturers to produce better products, and be a strong voice for its membership.

Q: What is a Charter member?

Charter members are CPSA members who joined CPSA when it was first founded in 1990 and have maintained their membership continuously since then.

Q: What personal information appears in the CPSA membership directory? May I opt out of being listed?

The directory lists every member of record as of December 31 and is an excellent resource for networking with other colored pencil artists who belong to CPSA. Although you cannot opt out of being listed, you may choose to have a partial listing. That means other members will be unable to contact you, and you will not receive discounts and other special offers from our generous corporate members.

  • FULL LISTING鈥攊ncludes your name, address, city, state, country, phone/cell number, and email address.
  • PARTIAL LISTING鈥攊ncludes only your name, city, state, and country. To choose this option, mark 鈥減artial listing鈥 on the membership application or email the membership director.
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Hanging Out, Arlene Steinberg, CPSA

Q: Who receives the directory and does CPSA give my name and address to marketers?

CPSA respects your privacy. The membership directory is available only to current individual and corporate members, who are prohibited from reproducing, distributing, or using member information for promotional purposes without authorization from CPSA. Misuse of the directory for commercial purposes will result in a suspension of membership.

We do, however, allow the generous companies who support CPSA by purchasing a corporate membership to send a limited number of promotions and special offers. If you do not wish to receive such discounts and art-related product information, mark “partial listing” on the membership application or email the membership director.

Q: What can I do if I miss a CPSA mailing due to a move?

CPSA uses bulk mail rates to minimize postage costs. It is very important to notify us whenever you move because undeliverable bulk mail is not forwarded. If you miss a mailing, you can purchase the item from the CPSA website or request a free PDF by emailing the membership director.

Q: What should I do if I live at a different address part of the year?

CPSA sends printed items by bulk mail which is not forwarded. It is the responsibility of each individual member to make arrangements for handling mail during an absence. CPSA mailings typically occur in January and June. If you plan to be away from home for an extended period, you might wish to submit a change of address when you leave and again when you return home.