Member Websites

Many CPSA members have a website where their art can be seen and, in some cases, purchased. As a benefit of membership, CPSA provides links to its members’ websites in a PDF that is updated three times each year, in January, May, and September.

Each website link listed in the PDF is active.* Simply click on the link to open the artist’s website and use the back button to return to the PDF.

The content of each member’s website is the property and responsibility of that artist.

pdf fileCPSA members’ websites*

*NOTE: For best results, access the CPSA members’ websites PDF from Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browsers. Other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, may not activate the website links in the PDF. You can also download the PDF file from your browser window and save to your computer to open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  • The URL link you provide should go directly to your website, blog, or your page if it is part of a gallery or group site. Viewers will quickly move on if they don鈥檛 immediately see your artwork. Be sure your link is correct before you submit it.
  • Your website must include artwork you’ve created in the medium of colored pencil.
  • Your website must be accessible to anyone, without the need to register or log on.
  • You are responsible for the content on your site.聽
  • CPSA may remove any nonfunctional, malware-infected, non-colored-pencil-related, or under-construction/coming-soon listings.
SamsValorie MargaretsStash 2019
Margaret's Stash, Valorie Sams


As a current member, you may promote your artwork with a listing of your own personal art-related website or blog in the CPSA members’ websites PDF.聽

To add or change your website URL for the next update (January, May, or October),聽please submit the Change My Info form. If you miss the deadline for an update, your listing will be added to the following one providing your site meets guidelines.