Earning Signature

CPSA allows active members to earn signature status and merit awards for its two annual juried exhibitions. Each show has its own signature designation: 鈥淐PSA鈥 for the International Exhibition and 鈥淐PX鈥 for Explore This! (starting in 2009). Upon earning signature, artists are entitled to use the appropriate letters after their names (e.g., Vera Curnow, CPSA, CPX).

Signature status and merit awards are tracked separately for International and Explore This! To earn signature, an artist鈥檚 work must actually appear in that kind of show three times within a 10-year period. Beyond that, signature members earn a merit award with each 5 appearances (no time limit) in the following sequence:

  • 3 times (within 10 years)鈥擲ignature pin and certificate
  • 10 times (includes 3 times for signature)鈥擯in with crystal gem and certificate
  • 20 times鈥擯in with lavender gen and certificate
  • 30 times鈥擯in with purple gem and certificate

NOTE: Signature members also receive a certificate of recognition for each of the intermediate 5-year milestones.


Members must meet the following requirements to earn and maintain signature status and merit awards:

  • Artwork must actually be on display (in the gallery for the International or online for ET!) for the duration of the show.
  • Artist must join CPSA (i.e., pay dues) within the membership year of the first acceptance.
  • Artist must maintain continuous CPSA membership.
  • Counting begins with the year of the first appearance and continues until year 10. At that point, the first year drops off, and the count begins again from the next appearance.
  • Any lapse in membership shall result in loss of appearances earned toward signature status prior to the lapse.
  • Any lapse in membership shall result in loss of signature status and merit awards.
  • Artwork disqualified for failing to meet show specifications does not count and may result in loss of signature status.

CPSA and CPX signature members


River Rock Collection VI, Erwin Lewandowski, CPSA, CPX