Join a District Chapter

To take full advantage of membership in CPSA, we encourage you to join a local district chapter. The organization supports a network of chapters in areas around the United States. These chapters provide CPSA members with opportunities to network with other colored pencil artists, take workshops, and participate in shows at the local level. Even if there is no chapter nearby, you can learn a lot from receiving a chapter’s newsletters.

Although membership in CPSA is a prerequisite for joining a district chapter, you should be aware that joining CPSA does not automatically make you a member of a district chapter. Once you belong to CPSA, however, you may join as many chapters as you like鈥攂ut it is up to you to contact chapters directly. Most chapters have dues ranging from about $15 to $25 per year to cover their operational costs.

Q: Why must I belong to the “national organization” in order to join a local chapter?

A: CPSA is a nonprofit corporation that serves as the legal umbrella under which the district chapters operate. In that capacity, CPSA is able to provide credibility for the entire organization on a broader scale, gain attention for colored pencil art, present conventions and exhibitions, and encourage manufacturers to produce better products. Although they may not realize it, all colored pencil artists benefit from the efforts of CPSA to bring attention to and improve the reputation of our favorite medium.

Organizational Structure

WeidnerMona MiddleAge 2019
Middle Age, Mona Weidner, CPSA